News 2009
Main Financial IndicatorsAs at 31 MarchFY2008/09FY2007/08Current Ratio*1.392.19Net Gearing Ratio** (%)137121Return on Average Equity# (%)4.216.82Return on Asset# (%)0.741.66Net Assets Value (HK$"000)4,017,2713,686,007Cash on Hand (HK$"000)2,896,4571,674,641* After deducting the import letter of credit and trust receipt loans of Zhongyou Hua Dian amounting to HK$2,122,318,000** After deducting the discounted bills and trust receipts of Zhongyou Hua Dian amounting to HK$2,255,659,000# Under the impact of fair value adjustments of financial derivatives, HK$366,320,000 of negative fair v...
发布时间: 2009 / 03 / 31