News 2008
Main Financial IndicatorsAs at 31 MarchFY2007/08FY2006/07Current Ratio2.191.65Net Gearing Ratio (%)12174Return on Average Equity# (%)4.3711.30Return on Asset# (%)1.473.23Net Assets Value (HK$"000)3,675,4602,692,805Cash on Hand (HK$"000)1,674,6411,512,347* Remarks: Net Gearing Ratio is calculated based on net borrowings (total borrowing less bank balance and cash) and the Shareholder"s funds.# Under the impact of fair value adjustments, HK$166,884,000 of fair value change of the US$40million convertible bonds and other financial derivative instruments were accounted for as an exp...
发布时间: 2008 / 03 / 31