China Gas Holdings Limited

(the “Company”)

Equal Rights and Interests Policy


1.     Purposes

The Company and its entities that adopt the management and control system of the Company (the “China Gas Group” or the “Group”) shall clearly recognize the importance of equal rights and interests of the Group's employees, stakeholders, customers and consumers. Respecting equal rights and interests is an important part of the Group's commitment to developing its business in a sustainable way.

2.     Policy Content

The policy will cover the rights and interests, health and safety, and other aspects of workers. By setting goals and measures in each aspect, the Company is committed to realizing the practical protection of equal rights and interests and building as a responsible enterprise.

2.1.  Prohibition of Forced or Compulsory Employment

2.1.1. The Group is engaged in prohibiting the exploitation of labor benefits and forcing employees to work under the threat of punishment.

2.1.2. The Group must employ all employees on the principle of voluntariness, strictly prohibit any compulsory behavior, and resolutely eliminate the use of deception to lure employees to work for the Group.

2.1.3. The Group should prohibit the behaviors of charging deposit and security deposit or detaining employees' ID cards and other legal identity documents, so as to prevent any possibility of forced labor.

2.2.  Prohibition of Child Labor

2.2.1. The Group is committed to prohibiting the use of child labor in any phase of service provision.

2.2.2. The Group attaches importance to the examination of age in the employment process, and prohibits child labor in all places of operation.

2.3.  Respecting the Diversity of Employment and Opposing Discrimination

2.3.1.  The Group is engaged in providing fair and reasonable job opportunities.

2.3.2. When deciding on labor related matters, such as employment, remuneration, training, promotion, demotion or retirement, the Group makes decisions according to the individual's working ability and work needs, rather than one’s race, nationality, religion, disability, social class, gender orientation, trade union membership and government relations.

2.3.3. The Group is committed to preventing its employees from harassment and discrimination.

2.3.4. Each Group member must not force employees to undergo discriminatory medical examinations.

2.4.  Working Hours, Salary and Rights and Interests

2.4.1. The Group's working hours, holidays, salaries and employees' rights and interests shall fully meet the requirements of relevant laws and regulations.

2.4.2. Taking into account the work-life balance of employees, the Group takes measures to promote healthy workplace culture and flexible working hours within the scope of effective business development and reasonable practicability.

2.4.3. The Group pays employees no less than the local minimum wage standard, and reasonable salary according to the value of different positions.

2.4.4. The Group provides necessary supplies for labor protection and various welfare subsidies for employees according to their working conditions.

2.5.  Freedom to Organize Groups and Bargain Collectively

2.5.1. The open and direct communication between employees and management is one of the effective ways to solve problems in workplace and issues on salary. The Group has opened up multiple communication channels for employees to ask for help and reflect problems.

2.5.2. The Group will respect employees' legal rights and interests, including rights of joining the labor union, seeking for representative and participating in workers' congress, etc.

2.5.3. Employees shall be given the opportunity to communicate with management on working conditions and management issues in public without concerning about retaliation, threatening or harassment.

2.5.4. The Group prohibits the exploitation of labor benefits and forcing employees to work under the threat of punishment.

2.6.  Safe and Healthy Working Environment

2.6.1. The Group promises to be people-oriented and care for the health of employees.

2.6.2. The Group is committed to creating safe, civilized and harmonious working and living conditions and humanistic environment for employees.

2.6.3. The Group requires that all suppliers and contractors to comply with the Group's “Safety Management Policy”.

3.       Employee Guidelines

In case of any violation or improper treatment within the Group or by business partners, employees shall report the incident to the head of relevant department, human resources department or management, so that the Group can carry out investigation on the incident.  The whistleblowers should not be subject to any coercion, discrimination or retaliation.

4.     Date of Adoption

This policy was issued for implementation in 4 January 2016, and will be updated in due course.