In the past year, facing the challenges of economic slowdown with unforeseen changes in the global market that is full of both opportunities and challenges, China Gas’s staff members have been united and actively responded to the industry and market changes by adopting the “cost reduction, efficiency enhancement, transformation and development” principle to encourage business improvements and enhance competitiveness. While depicting our efforts to provide stable, profitable, clean and safe energy, the Group also adheres to the corporate mission of “Converging in Harmony and Benefiting the Society” in order to promote sustainable development in the four major areas: “Undertaking Responsibilities”, “Embracing Environmental Protection”, “Joining Hands with Employees” and “Caring for the Community”.


Undertaking Responsibilities — As a large-scale cross-regional integrated energy service provider in China, we promptly grasp the development opportunities brought by national policies and market demand, and are determined to expand our market share, ensure stable gas supply, provide high-quality clean energy, alleviate air pollution problems and improve people’s living standards. At the same time, we also uphold the core values in sustainable development and use these as the guidelines for investment decision-making and operation. We also adhere to the operating principles of integrity and compliance, and promote sustained and steady growth in business performance through continuous improvement of risk control management capabilities, safe operation standards and customer service system.


Embracing Environmental Protection — As a responsible clean energy operator, the Group actively responds to the “blue sky project” formulated by the government by engaging in the development of natural gas business, promoting the replacement of coal with gas initiatives in rural areas and the construction of beautiful villages, further innovating and expanding the liquefied petroleum gas (“LPG”) industry chain. We also provide integrated clean energy solutions such as various types and forms of distributed energy, centralised heating and photovoltaic power generation services in various markets and regions. We are committed to the overall rationale of “mass utilisation of low-carbon energy, cleaner use of traditional fuel, diverse energy supply, highly efficient energy consumption and smart energy system” to provide “smart” energy for the society and the public and contribute to “defending the blue sky”.


Joining Hands with Employees — Having an excellent team of employees is the key to a successful enterprise. Adhering to our principle of “People-oriented and Strive for Excellence”, we are committed to becoming an outstanding employer, and strive to implement corporate culture with our employees and become a role model for the industry. We continue to build a diversified career development platform for employees and provide a good working environment, competitive remuneration and benefits, comprehensive career development training and a variety of open space for recreational and leisure activities for employees to fully unleash their potentials.


Caring for the Community — China Gas has pledged to take up social responsibilities and connect with the community. Through establishing China Gas Charity Foundation Limited (the “Foundation”), we actively carry out charitable activities to help vulnerable groups, particularly in educational and medical sponsorship, disaster relief, poverty alleviation and established a volunteer service team within the Group to promote “Converging in Harmony and Benefiting the Society”.

Corporate Social Responsibility


In 2020, in order to further improve the management of sustainbale development of the Group, we have established the Sustainability Committee to continuously enhance the Group's performance in sustainable development. The Sustainability is led by Mr. Liu Ming Hui, the Company's chairman, managing director and president, as the chairman and Mr. Zhu Weiwei, the Compaby's executive director and managing vice president, as the vice chairman of the Sustainability Committee. We will continue to improve the Group's management system pertaining sustainability and strive to accelerating the Group's progress towards sustainable development. Please refer to "Sustainable Corporate Governance" of this Report for further information on the Sustainability Committee.