China Gas Holdings Limited

(the “Company”)

Suppliers’ Code of Conduct

China Gas Group, which comprises China Gas Holdings Limited and its global subsidiaries and affiliates, requires its suppliers to abide by all applicable laws and regulations of the countries/regions where they operate as a condition of doing business with the Group.

This Code of Conduct (the “Code”) applies to all products and/or services providers of China Gas Group.

The Code consists of six sections: Employee Relationship, Health and Safety, Environmental Protection, Business Ethics, Supervision and Inspection and Date of Adoption.


1.      Employee Relationship

1.1. Suppliers must guarantee that all the employees are employed out of their own free will. Suppliers shall prohibit employment discrimination against employees' race, skin color, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender preference, ethnic group, disability, pregnancy, religious faith, political faction, association membership, protected genetic information or marital status in aspect of employment, payment, promotion, awarding, training opportunity, layoff and so on.

1.2. Suppliers shall not restrict personal liberty, and shall not withhold any identity documents.

1.3. Suppliers shall abide by applicable local and national laws and regulations in relation to the minimum working age, and child labour is forbidden.

1.4. Suppliers shall abide by applicable local and national laws and regulations in relation to voluntary employment, and forced labour is forbidden.

1.5. Suppliers shall abide by all applicable laws and regulations in relation to minimum wage, working hours and rest, the employees’ overtime shall be voluntary.


2.      Health and Safety

2.1. Suppliers shall provide a safe and clean working environment. The working environment shall be free of any dangerous elements that severely threaten safety or health, and prevent any huge fire or explosion accidents from happening in the workplace, and fatal accidents at the operation site.

2.2. Suppliers shall obtain, maintain and renew all the necessary health and safety permits, and abide by related regulations that are applicable.


3.      Environmental Protection

3.1. Suppliers shall acquire, maintain and renew all necessary environmental permits (such as for emission monitoring), approval documents and registration certificates, and comply with their requirements on operation and reporting.

3.2. Suppliers shall comply with all the applicable laws and regulations and customers' requirements in relation to prohibited or restricted goods, take effective measures to prohibit or restrict the use of specific substance in product or/and manufacturing process. Suppliers shall comply with all the applicable laws and regulations in relation to pollution (including sewage, exhausted gas, solid waste), including requirements of related manufacturing, transportation, storage, treatment and discharge requirements etc. to reduce or eliminate pollution from the source and to forbid illegal emission of poisonous pollutants and prevent noise pollution. Suppliers shall adopt preservation and replacing measures, reduce the consumption of energy, water, and nature resources to reduce greenhouse gas emission.


4.      Business Ethics

4.1. Suppliers are prohibited from corruption or dishonesty and shall follow the principle of “no association, no bribery, no replacing of high-quality goods with low-quality goods, no cutting corners, no counterfeit and forging, no commercial fraud, and keeping promises”.


5.      Supervision and Inspection

5.1. Suppliers shall save relevant documents and records to the extent possible to ensure compliance with this code and relevant laws, and at the request of China Gas Group, provide relevant documents for the Group or designated inspectors as evidence of compliance. If necessary, China Gas Group will request to visit the workplace and infrastructure of suppliers to verify the compliance.


6.       Date of Adoption

6.1. This policy was issued for implementation on 1 July 2012, and will be updated in due course.