China Gas Holdings Limited

(the “Company”)

Charitable and Community Activities Management Policy

1. Purposes

1.1. According to the Charity Donations Law of the People's Republic of China, the Company Law and other applicable laws and regulations, this policy is formulated to actively fulfill the social responsibilities, establish a good brand image, further facilitate the advancement of public charity of the Company and its entities that adopt the management and control system of the Company (the “China Gas Group” or the “Group”), as well as to strengthen the Group's management of charitable and community activities, and better reflect the social benefits of public welfare and charity.

2. Organizational Management and Basic Principle of Charity and Public Welfare

2.1. Organizational responsibilities

China Gas Charity Foundation Limited (the “Foundation”) is the leading organization of the Group in carrying out charitable and community activities, and

is responsible for the coordination and unified operation of charitable and community activities carried out by its subordinate enterprises.

2.2. China Gas Group has been combining its own products and services with social public welfare, actively fulfilling the mission of “Converging in harmony and benefiting communities”, and promoting the development of community activities in line with the characteristics of China Gas Group. Under the guidance of the overall principle of “Giving love to external parties and care to internal bodies”, the Foundation actively carries out fruitful internal and external charitable projects, builds the charity brand of China Gas Group, and actively participates in charitable activities in various regions, so as to truly realize the target of getting everyone to participate in charity.

Main ways to participate in charitable and community activities are as follows:

2.2.1. focus on energy conservation and environmental protection, support public welfare and environmental protection projects, and advocate low-carbon concept to the whole society;

2.2.2. support education by donating schools, books and teaching equipment to poor areas to improve teaching conditions; provide teaching services for rural schools on specific topics, and improve the teaching quality of teachers in rural schools by providing induction and technical training for local teachers;

2.2.3. actively participate in disaster relief and rescue, donate to government departments and relevant public welfare organizations to support disaster relief, assist in relief supplies logistics, implement post-disaster reconstruction, help to rebuild infrastructure in disaster areas, and carry out long-term assistance projects;

2.2.4. promote cultural innovation and development, donate funds and professional equipment to cultural and sports undertakings, sponsor cultural and sports activities, competitions, etc., and support the construction of non-profit cultural facilities;

2.2.5. actively implement the construction of social public facilities and provide financial or resource support to remote villages to build social public facilities;

2.2.6. carry out medical aiding activities by donating medical equipment to communities and donating to build hospitals in order to improve medical conditions; send doctors to areas with a shortage of medical technicians to provide professional medical services; and subsidize medical treatment for patients with certain types of diseases, such as providing direct funding to children suffering from congenital heart disease, harelip, etc. from poor families or donating funds to relevant public welfare foundations and organizations;

2.2.7. actively carry out other public welfare relief and public welfare undertakings in conjunction with the actual needs of each region.

2.3. Cash assets and physical properties used by China Gas Group, its affiliated professional companies and regional project companies for charitable and community activities shall have clear ownership and clear rights and responsibilities, which are the legal properties under the disposal of the enterprise; assets owned by the enterprise shall not be used for charitable and community activities, such as donation, in the name of individuals.

2.4. China Gas Group and its affiliated professional companies and regional project companies shall observe the following regulations in carrying out charitable and community activities:

2.4.1. The charitable and community activities should be important parts of the corporate social responsibilities and long-term investments in the cultivation of intangible assets for brand building of the enterprise, and must focus on enterprise culture, ensuring that all charitable and community activities are consistent with the strategic goals of the enterprise.

2.4.2. Carrying out charitable and community activities shall require the use of mass media to disseminate relevant information, so that the public can

understand and appreciate such charitable behavior, gradually establishing a good image of the enterprise in the minds of the public.

2.4.3. Each unit carrying out donation activities should take full account of its business scale, profitability, debt level, cash flow and other financial capacity, and reasonably determine the scale and standard of donation and expenditure.

3. Management of Charitable and Community Activities

3.1 China Gas Group and its affiliated professional companies and regional project companies shall incorporate charitable and community activities into their daily business management, and designate a special department responsible for managing the charitable and community activities of the Group.

3.2 The expenses of charitable and community activities carried out by China Gas Group and its affiliated professional companies and regional project companies shall be incorporated in the annual budget management of the enterprise, where a special report shall be formulated on the budgeted expenditure items, expenditure plans and scale of expenditure set for charitable and community activities for the whole year, and the implementation of charitable and community activities and budget execution of the previous year shall be summarized and submitted to the Foundation.

3.3 The Foundation shall report annually in writing to the board of directors of China Gas Group on the charitable and community activities carried out during the year and disclose to the public in the annual report and ESG report.

4. Date of Adoption

This policy was issued for implementation on 1 January 2016, and will be updated in due course.